Thursday, 6 January 2011

Welcome and shameless self-promotion.

Welcome, come in and take a seat - though not the one with the wobbly leg.

In this blog, I intend to regale you with ramblings about writing in general, along with news and reviews of books and writers - both new and old - famous, and still awaiting discovery - who I respect as both experts in their chosen genres, as well as just damned fine storytellers.

Yet no self-promoting writer would see such an opportunity pass, without first uttering a blatant and, quite frankly, hussy-like plug for their forthcoming debut novel.

'THE SILVER MIST' will be published by BETTER KARMA (USA) - release date to be announced, though sometime in early 2011 - and will be available in paperback, Kindle, and all Ebook formats through AMAZON, BARNES and NOBLE, BORDERS, WATERSTONE'S, W.H. SMITH'S, and all the usual online and onstreet outlets in the U.S., U.K., Ireland, and most other territories.

Updates will be posted via my pages on:

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Now with that bit done, it only remains to thank you for dropping by, and to wish you all a happy, successful new year.

Martin :)

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